Frea is a rock climbing helmet designed to empower freedom to female climbers. It provides frustration free hair management, full-round safety protection and a proper aesthetic that fits the climbing style. It has a 3-layer hybrid consist of a 3-piece hard outer shell, a flexible second layer, and a soft inner padding, with a hair passage in the back.The structure not only provides a thorough protection but also makes the helmet stretchable and flexible. The flexibility allows comfort fitting and easy pulling hair through the hair passage.


Performance                                                                                                           Design Concept

Spark Design Awards Bronze 2016                                                            IDEA Bronze 2017




“hair can get crazy, tangled and dirty. I usually have long hair and put it in a ponytail”


“ I look more confident without a helmet.”


“Helmets take away from the aesthetic look and feel of a climbing scene”


"I don't think helmets can save my life"

Concept Development

I started with 2 initial concepts:  making a new stretchable shell that easily fit hair inside; a helmet comes with a detachable headband. I made quick mock-ups to test the two ideas. Later, I decided to combine the two ideas to make a helmet with a flexible out shell and a form fitting inner layer that acts like a headband. In my later round of idea development, I decide to add a 3D printed middle layer that stretchable. And the outer shell is divided into 3 pieces that are connected by the middle layer. 

Easy fit and hair passage: Stretchable D3O 2nd impact layer, allows easier hair passage.

Full-round Protection: Reduces side and back impacts with increased coverage area and double layer protection.